GN-1 Rhodium Plated Straight Line Contact Banana Plug for Crimp Connection - Set of 4

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The Straight Line Contact Speaker Plug has been designed from extensive research into the differences in sound quality between plugs on loudspeaker cables. After considering many options, Graham Nalty has developed the Straight Line Contact Speaker Plug as the best possible solution.

The rhodium plated GN-1 Straight Line Contact loudspeaker plug employs the 'Straight Line Contact' design principle in a way that is easy to achieve a high quality connection. The cable and connector are fused together by using a high pressure crimp. This offers a more reliable long term connection than screw or solder terminations, and also removes a stage of contacts enabling easier transmission of signals from your cable to connector.

For an extra layer of security a grub screw is provided on the polished metal body which secures tightly into the cable insulation using the supplied allen key.

The Straight Line Contact pin is shown located above the centre pin and the spring is located below.