GN-3 Gold Plated Straight Line Contact RCA Connector

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The Straight Line Contact RCA Plug has been designed from extensive research into the differences in sound quality between different plugs on cables. After considering many options, Graham Nalty has developed the Line Contact RCA Plug as the best possible solution.

Reducing the Distortion to Music

Both plugs have been carefully designed to reduce contact distortion to sensitive audio music signals transmitted by cables between interconnected pieces of audio equipment.

Research by Listening Tests

For many years, Graham Nalty has been aware of the improvements in sound quality that can be achieved by good design of RCA connectors. Many award winning cables designed by Graham Nalty for his Black Rhodium brand have featured RCA plugs that were specially selected after careful listening tests.

The new Graham Nalty RCA plugs have been designed not only for sound quality, but also are attractively styled to add value and customer appeal.

Customer Appeal and Ease of Use

The new Graham Nalty RCA plugs has been designed for easy assembly with large 4mm diameter sets screws to secure the cable and a choice of cable entry sizes. The Graham Nalty GN-3 RCA plug has been designed with a 6.7mm cable entry for use with cables of up to 6.5mm diameter. The Graham Nalty GN-4 RCA plug has been designed with a 9.5 mm cable entry for use with larger diameter cables.

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