KLE Innovations Pure Harmony RCA Plug - Set of 4

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The Harmony®Plug is a new revolutionary approach to Keith Louis Eichmann’s (aka KL) previous Bullet Plug design, which itself was a revolutionary approach to Phono/RCA connection. It represents a wholesale rethinking of something as basic as the venerable Phono/RCA plug; a connector designed over Sixty years ago by The Radio Corporation of America (RCA). It is KL’s contention that the Phono/RCA plug in its current configuration is the standard connector in the audio/video industry not because it is the best possible choice for its intended use, but more by reason of default and its ultimate potential.

Pure®Harmony Plug Comparison/Improvements… The following are the improvements that Keith Louis Eichmann (aka KL) has made to the Pure®Harmony Phono/RCA plug design when compared to his previous Bullet®Plug design...

- Signal/Ground pins are pure Silver and >106% IACS.

- Signal/Ground pin optimization to enhance electron flow, in accordance with KL’s Pure Silver Signal/Ground formula.
- Signal/Ground pins are now much stronger and shaped like a tag, which makes soldering small/large/multiple wires, very easy.

- Signal/Ground Anti-Short shield has been added between the Signal/Ground solder tags.

- Signal/Ground pins are arranged to maintain a maximised distance from each other, and the utilised foil technology ensures that Capacitive, Inductive, and EMF effects are minimized.

- The Head Assembly jaw structure has been redesigned and mechanically improved, to allow an easy snap-like connection to a Phono/RCA socket, ensuring the ultimate connection with easy removal.

- Ground pin includes thread teeth which ensures that a metal Housing is star-point grounded.

- The Housing Assembly uses 2 screws to retain and secure the Cable.
- Extremely high temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer has been utilized.

The Design of the KLE Innovations Harmony RCA Plug

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