OYAIDE MWA-RC RCA Caps - Set of 6

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The original Magnetic Wave Absorber, (MWA) series, was released by Oyaide in 2009 and has become very popular for its effects against noise generated by electronic magnetic waves around equipments.

MWA-RC was created by the development that we applied this MWA material for a RCA cover cap for preventing EMA, noise and dust with easy application by simply attaching them to unused RCA jacks on your equipment.

The Key features of MWA are:

- Very easy to fit – simply place them on any unused RCA jack

Manufactured from polypropylene which dampens the tiny vibrations found in the unused contacts.

- The use of 1mm thick MWA absorbers on the caps reduces noise generated from the contacts. This material is called SENDUST which Oyaide have applied from a technology developed in Japan. By processing it into a flat shape this has increased the absorbing property against Electric Magnetic Waves.

- The cap also prevents dust build up

- Using the MWA-RC on multiple contacts can make the improvements much greater

- Suitable for use on input and output jacks.

MWA-RC are supplied in sets of 6