RHYTHM Tone Arm Cable RCA - RCA

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RHYTHM delivers superb sound quality at an affordable price

RHYTHM is an extremely good step-up from our entry level interconnect ideal for higher performance systems and for long runs due to it's excellent RFI rejection. We hand craft RHYTHM cables from high purity silver plated copper conductors covered with low loss PTFE inner insulation and closely braided silver plated coaxial screen all carefully assembled using high quality RCA Phono plugs. RHYTHM delivers enhanced speed, timing and clarity to your favourite music with rich, deep and powerful bass. Made in England

Technical Specifications * Cable manufactured in England

* Coaxial cable

* Silver plated copper conductors for greater clarity of sound

* Low loss PTFE inner insulation designed for clearer beat and rhythm of music

* Exclusive Black Rhodium post production process proven to deliver improved sound quality