Black Rhodium Hourglass RCA Connector

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Our hourglass silhouette RCA plugs designed for ease of insertion and extraction from equipment, and close contact for the most realistic sound and vision.

The design makes insertion and extraction a breeze, ensuring that you do not damage your cable by placing excess pressure on the terminations.

Gold plated for excellent contact and conductivity, you will really hear a difference if you upgrade to these plugs. Suitable for cable up to 6 square mm, they are also suitable for coaxial and 2 core unscreened cable alike, ensuring that this connector provides a one stop solution for all upgrades.

Available in black, red, green and blue colour coded versions, these connectors are suitable for both audio and video cables alike, and will fit in all standard RCA sockets on your equipment.

Technical Specifications * Hourglass construction to allow for ease of use

* Solder Connection

* Cable strain clamp for effective connection between plug and cable

* Tight connection to equipment to ensure superior sound quality

* Suitable for cable up to 6 sq. mm

* Available with black, red, green or blue bodies

* Ideal for connecting Rhapsody, Rhythm, Harmony, Prelude Illusion and Symphony interconnect cable

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