Oyaide STB-MS Vinyl Stabaliser

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STB-MS is the original vinyl stabilizer produced with innovative concepts. It is composed of 10 detachable parts and the weight is adjustable by either adding or removing weights, enabling you to fine tune the configuration to your system.

The weight is suitable for turntables with float suspension by using STB-CM weights, and can be used to play EP (extended play) records by using it upside down.

Additional tone control by customizable weights combination.

STB-MS/HW is composed of 10 parts and can be assembled/disassembled by users. (top disk x 1, bottom disk x 1, weight x 6, central axis x 1, weight spacer x 1).

Weights can be added or removed, to enable you to tweak the configuration to suit your system, and when used in conjunction with the Oyaide original MJ-12 turntable sheet, it generates a synergistic effect for better sound quality.

The hybrid material of aluminium, brass and silver carbon

The combination of the hybrid material of aluminium, brass and silver carbon optimizes the vibration mode. It attenuates vibrations by platter rotation and enhances the trace of the grooves. Furthermore, the silver carbon weight spacer dampens the mutual interference of vibration, allowing for improved reading of information from your vinyl.

Additional Information and Precautions

* For turntables with float suspension, please use with STB-CM weights

* When playing EP (extended play) records, please use the weight upside down, so that it fits within the "doughnut" hole of the record.

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